About Us

We Are A Family Of Four Sharing The Joy Of Authentic And Mindful Travel In Thailand And Across Asia

From basking in Thailand’s bedazzled pristine waters, hiking across terrains in Asia’s oldest tropical rainforests and immersing in the enduring culture of indigenous tribes, we bring together snippets of adventure and joy to families traveling with young children.

Travel Growing Up is a resource and information site for parents traveling with their children. We share with you information about the best places to explore, off the beaten track hiking routes, authentic local eateries to go to and best accommodation in Thailand and across Asia.

If you are seeking out an authentic travel experience in nature through the most environmental friendly and sustainable way possible, do check out our travel stories where we share personal itineraries, reviews and guides.

Travel growing up also collaborates with media, travel publications and blogs to curate travel, lifestyle and environmental related stories to a broader audience in the forms of projects and initiatives.

Travel should be a conscious attempt to expose ourselves to a wide ranging of experiences to nourish and nurture our minds. To learn and reflect about our world through mindful traveling is what we advocate to our readers.

We hope you enjoy the ride with us at travelgrowingup.com

Our Travel Ethos

Traveling should be relaxing and perhaps physically stimulating and emotionally nourishing.

Traveling with children should be about the experience. Memories are the luxury of travel.

Roughing it out together as a family is half the fun.

Enjoy The Ride With Us.